September Connection Group

September!  For many of us September signals the start of a new school year.  Even though I haven’t been a student for several years now, there is always something exciting for me about the fall.  For me, September signifies new beginnings even more than January.  I find myself caught up in “Back to School” advertisements and displays despite the fact that I don’t need a new backpack or a pencil case.  It is also always a good time to evaluate and realign my schedule for the upcoming semester.  Just as my kids adjust back to their school schedule, I too tend to make adjustments to my weekly time table.  This month we will kick off our year of Connection Groups with a discussion on creating a good rhythm of life.  We will work through a plan for creating a sustainable pace of life as well as examine what red flags appear when we’ve take on too much.  Sign up below to be a part of session one on Thursday September 13th at 9 a.m. EST. If this time doesn’t work for you, please email Beth directly at to plan an additional time.





Connection groups are conducted via Skype; if you do not have a Skype name, please obtain one prior to signing up.

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