April Connection Group (1)

This month we are excited to offer 2 different connection groups.  The first group discussion will center around the topic of self care.  This discussion will be facilitated by two of our coworkers who have both done quite a bit of research into this topic.  Christine R is living and working in the Philippines.  With a background in counseling, Christine discovered her need for self care as she adjusted to life in the urban jungle of Manila.  She will guide you through a self discovery process and discuss challenges to self care as well as ways to make time to invest in your own health and wellness.  In addition, Alanna B will be on the call as one who has also walked her own journey of learning to care for herself in a creative access situation.  Alanna is now a licensed trainer and wellness coach.  Come see what might be in store for you in this important, but oven over looked area of care.  We will be meeting on Skype on Thursday, April 20th at 9 a.m. EST.  Sign up below.

Connection groups are conducted via Skype; if you do not have a Skype name, please obtain one prior to signing up.

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