March Connection Group

In a follow up to our book group discussion in December on the book Sensible Shoes, this month Marcie will lead a group through discussing the next book in the series, Two Steps Forward.  In this book, Brown continues the journey of the 4 main characters from her first book and allows us to journey alongside each woman as she faces various joys and challenges in life.  Well written and engaging, not only will you enjoy following Meg, Mara,  Charissa and Hannah, but you will be encouraged in your own journey with Jesus.  In addition, Brown includes a companion guide for prayer and conversation making this a great model for how we can journey with one another.  A quick read, set aside a few hours this month and join the group to discuss how these stories impacted your own.  Click here to buy the book on Kindle.  Fill out the sign up sheet below or email Marcie at with questions.  We will offer two times this month to connect: March 28th at 9 p.m. EST or March 30th at 9 a.m. EST.  Once you sign up, we will contact you to confirm which date you prefer.


Connection groups are conducted via Skype; if you do not have a Skype name, please obtain one prior to signing up.

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