February Connection Group

Mentoring: God’s Gifts, Surprises and Power

Waiting on God. He either orchestrated it or He didn’t. My hands were off. My prayers were expectant for 5 months. Was this His path for me? I was asking Him for a clear answer.

Then it happened.

After an evening church service, I realized that two young women sat waiting in seats behind me, so I quickly finished my conversation with my friend, Liz.

As I turned to them, they had tears in their eyes. I was quite taken aback! What could be the matter?

I sat down facing them, already heartbroken for whatever pain they seemed to be carrying.

“Hi, ladies! What’s going on?”, I said with great concern.

“We heard that you’re willing to meet with young women. Is that true?”

Bam! That was what I had been waiting for – a mentoring opportunity, confirmed and orchestrated by God’s hand.

“Yes!”, I said, trying to blink back tears of joy.

“How about tomorrow night?”, I invited.

“It works for us!”, they excitedly replied.

That began a two year journey that continues to change my life. What’s it been like, you ask?

As we share our journey with Jesus and each other, our failures, our successes, our struggles, our sins, our joys, we collectively get to see and experience the gifts, the surprises, and the power of Christ’s transforming work in each of our stories.

Come join our conversation as Lori Kresge shares her own personal journey with God and her girls on February 23 at 8 a.m. EST. Mentoring. It might not be what you think! It might be more!

Connection groups are conducted via Skype; if you do not have a Skype name, please obtain one prior to signing up.

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