Happy New Year

Do you need a second New Year?

One thing that is great about living in Asia is the fact that we get 2 New Years’ celebrations!  The lunar new year is celebrated all over Asia with lots of lucky red: lanterns, dragons, banners, and most importantly red envelopes filled with money.  So just when I’m sad that the Christmas tree has to be packed up, the streets fill with festive red and the air is permeated with the sound of firecrackers.


This year I really need this second round of celebration and fresh starts.  My 2017 started off with a medical procedure for my husband, followed by 13 hours in the ER, then a round of stomach flu for my daughter and I and then the worst cold I’ve had in years.  All my goals for the year and my “one word” (FOCUS) felt useless.  Why is that 2 bad weeks has the potential to knock me off track for the rest of the year??  Like this was a rough start so I guess I really try next year?  But thankfully I live in Taiwan and my next year starts this Saturday:)

Last week several of us met on Skype to talk about our Individual Growth Plans (IGP) for the year.  It was a great time to hear the different areas each woman felt God was leading her to grow in.  In addition, each person had creative ideas for what learning activities she wanted to engage in to see that growth take place.  Reading books, starting new bible studies, discovering new methods of discipleship or even just implementing true Sabbath rest were all topics that surfaced.

Perhaps you are like me and your high hopes for 2017 were slightly deflated in January.  Or you might be thinking “It’s almost February.  I’m too late.”  But it’s not too late! Join me in celebrating a second New Year and take time (an hour, just an hour) to think about how you want to be different a year from today.  Creating an intentional growth plan and sharing it with one other person is more than half the battle.  If you feel stuck getting started just ask yourself a simple question “At the end of this year, when I look back over 2017, what do I hope will have happened?”


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