Growing Together

“I feel like my brain and my heart have been stimulated in areas that had become lethargic. Praise God!”

As we debriefed our week together on Friday evening it was obvious that God had been at work among us.

October 15 – 21, twenty-seven women gathered together at the SEND campus in Farmington, MI to spend a week learning and growing together. This large group was divided into three smaller groups, each focused on a different, chosen area of study: Facilitating Group Discipleship, Mentoring the Next Generation Women, and Significant Woman -Discovering your Personal Mission. Each group was facilitated by qualified leaders and provided great opportunity for discussion, community and growth. Sixteen of these women were SEND members representing ministry in every one of our regions, our sending offices in Canada and US, as well as the International Office. The other women came from other mission agencies and local US churches. What a breadth of wisdom and experience gathered together!

Each morning Lori Kresge led us in worship, and then we separated into our smaller groups for study and learning around our topic.


Our meal times together allowed us all to make (and renew) friendships – as well as gain a pound or two! Lori and Sherri Divozzo treated us to some amazing meals!


Other women described their experiences like this:

“This is a great chance to get away, refresh and renew, and continue to sharpen your ministry skills together with other like-minded women in a safe environment.”
“This was a valuable and rewarding opportunity to get away from the stresses of ministry for a time of personal and spiritual rest and renewal plus growth in skills that I will bring back to my ministry for the benefit of all.”



Do you have a desire to sharpen your ministry skills?  Do you need time away for both personal rest and renewal?  We have another development week planned for April 5th-12th on our Farmington campus.  This time we will cover the module Developing a Discerning Heart.  For information on this and other trainings around North America, please visit  You can also email me personally at


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