Living Well in a Nasty World

We live in a very messy world. Whether it is politics in the USA or refugees in Europe or epidemics in South America – there are times when we wonder if God really IS in control. In the four messages that follow, we’ll look at 1 Peter topically. Peter was writing to the Jesus-follower-Jews exiled across Asia Minor, far from home, worried about the encroaching power of Emperor Nero and persecution. Peter talks about Hope, Hardship, Holiness, and Hardiness.

Are you looking for some encouragement?  Are you looking for content for a retreat or gathering you are planning?  Listen in to our own Liz Givens as she teaches this series on living well in a  nasty world.  Click on the link below for these great messages.  You can also download the Powerpoint slides to follow along as well.  Our thanks to Liz for making these available to us!





*These messages were given in September 2016 to a large group of women at Camp Barakel, Fairview, MI.


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