Good Neighbor Day

This Wednesday, September 28th is Good Neighbor Day.  I had never heard of Good Neighbor Day or Mad Hatter’s Day or National Candy Corn day until I was introduced to the website Hoops and Yo Yo.  This fun website has printable calendars that celebrate the most random holidays as well as other resources.  As busy as we all are, perhaps you are wondering why I am telling you about yet another holiday or activity you should be doing.  In a recent conversation with one of our Area Women’s Representatives (Martina), we were brainstorming ways to help with team building, connection, and how to build shared memories with each other.  Martina recalled that in the past she and some teammates had chosen to celebrate random holidays together as a way to build some community and fun into their lives.

I decided to check out the resource myself and when I saw Good Neighbor Day coming up, I thought I would throw it up here to spark some ideas for our SEND women around the world.  You have 48 hours left to think of one way you could be a good neighbor to someone in your neighborhood, on your team, or in your community.  Perhaps they are not your literal neighbor so you can’t bake them a loaf of bread or have your kids rake their leaves.  But maybe they are a teammate you know who is in an isolated situation and would love a phone call or a postcard or even a quick text.

We would love to hear if and how you decide to celebrate Good Neighbor Day to encourage those around you.  And if you can’t think of something to do for this random holiday, check out the above resource and plan a Mad Hatter’s Day (October 6th) or a Clean out your Fridge Day (November 15th).  Be sure to give us an update or a picture of your creative celebration.

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