Selfie Shots

Meet Susan!

I’ve been serving as a missionary alongside John, my husband, since 1989…first with hi-ba (high school born againers) in America as a couple, next with hi-ba in Japan in 1993 as a family of four…a two year old and 3 month old, and then joining SEND in 2001 in Japan as a family of five…a 10 year old, an 8 year old and a 3 year old. In 2013, John, Esther (our daughter) and I started D (Discipleship) House in Sendai, Japan. Interns come and live with us for approximately three months..learning life skills, ministering with us, learning about Japanese culture and language, as well as prayerfully discovering God’s leading in missions in their lives. I also teach children English in my neighborhood as well as at Tsubamesawa Church (formerly Seaside Bible Church). I enjoy baking, so having local Japanese moms in our home to teach various favorite recipes and then sit around the table sampling what they just made is a joy. During these times, I am getting to know these moms, and it is my prayer they are getting to know me and my love for Jesus and His love for them.

Take a minute and pray for Susan and John and their ministry at the D House.  Pray also for Esther who is settling into college life in the United States.

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