Selfie Shots

Meet Leanne!

We have been in Japan now for a year and a half. We came as a family of 5 and as of March are a family of six. Being a mom of four littles in a foreign country keeps me on my toes. Three of our children are in Japanese school. I don’t have many hours for formal language study, but children’s homework, school papers, PTA meetings, and play dates are my real world classroom. God has blessed us with caring neighbors and friends who have helped us get adjusted to our Japanese community. Our hearts long for them to know and love their Creator God and trust in Jesus as their Savior.

Take a minute to pray for Leanne and her family as they live incarnationally in their Japanese community.  Pray for their sweet kiddos as they navigate school and homework and finding their own niche in their new world.

One thought on “Selfie Shots

  1. Praying for you, dear Leanne! Great selfie! Yes, you are studying in real life situations that create hours of real life Japanese language learning! Love you!


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