What Others are Saying About WDW

Women’s Development Week Stories

Wondering if one of these women’s development weeks is for you?  Wondering what could happen in the lives of your women if you experienced a week like this together in your ministry context?  Read on to see what women like you experienced during their week of development.

Facilitating Group Discipleship:
“I would highly encourage this module to any women who are in the Church, not just in missions or ministry leadership. If they are desiring to disciple others, this course gives the essential skill training, practice time, and evaluation needed to grow in confidence and ability. For those coming out of Bible Schools, I would HIGHLY recommend it, because discipleship is NOT being done or taught in most schools. The information is there, but this course offers the practical skills to get it from the classroom to making disciples. ”

“This week has had value in my life by helping solidify principles of facilitation in disciple-making. Many of the concepts were familiar, but it was really helpful to have time to practice this model as well as think about and design a plan of how to apply this to my current or future discipling opportunities. The book we used as our text as well as the devotional readings, the Bible passages, and the audio pieces were enriching and deep food for thought.”

“This was a refreshing week to really delve deep into the practice of discipleship through group facilitation. It was a blessing to journey with other women as we learned to better unpack God’s Word.”

“I haven’t facilitated a discipleship group before. I’ve led Bible Study small groups and I’ve taught Bible in the High School, but both are vastly different from what I’ve learned this week about asking good questions, really knowing my content well in order to NOT be glued to an outline, and an ability to go with the flow of discussion. I am overwhelmed at how group discipleship is so undervalued, underused at our churches and ministry contexts.”

Developing a Discerning Heart:
“This week changed my life. It was a safe place for me to open my heart to other women and grow in some great ways. God moves here, and if you want to come discover Him in a real way, this is a great place.”

Significant Woman:
“This course helps Christian women re-evaluate God’s unique design for them and gave me tools to further discover this. Yet this is the first time other women spoke into my uniqueness through the peer facilitation process – very powerful!”

“I’d encourage women in churches or ministry or missions to come. The time away from home, work and ministry in invaluable. The modules are challenging but the growth that occurs in priceless. The worship is unparalled – a slice of heaven! And the friendships formed are precious!”

Contact Dorothy at djanzen@send.org or our women’s ministry department at sendwomen@send.org to pursue your own personal development opportunities.

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