Women’s Development Week

The Women’s Development Week is a week long intensive held on our Farmington Campus.  Each year participants can choose from a variety of options that include Facilitating Group Discipleship, Developing a Discerning Heart, Significant Woman, Mentoring Next Generation Women, and Soul Care in the 21st Century to name a few.  These weeks are usually offered in October and April with emphasis on a facilitated approach to the material.  Below you will find a brief overview of each of the courses as well as a link to register.

Soul Care in the 21st Century: A spiritual formation retreat designed to help you rest, learn, and reconnect with Jesus. Come and discover some new and ancient ways to care for your soul. Find a rhythm for continued spiritual growth that fits your personality and lifestyle.

Significant Woman: This module helps us affirm and discover our personal design, mission, and passion for life and service in the Lord at any stage of life. The Significant Woman is a biblically based life-coaching discipleship resource that is designed to help a woman Pursue her uniqueness, Embrace her design in relationship with God, Activate her mission, Refocus her life, Live intentionally, and Sustain for the long-run (PEARLS).

Developing a Discerning Heart: This module concentrates on personal transformation as the process toward a rich walk with God as well as becoming a more effective people helper (Matt. 7:5). It presents a basic framework for helping us look at our lives and problems biblically, so that we can better discern what truths, and distortions of truth, we have learned and therefore live out. Out of this renewed understanding, the participant will gain new hope for her own walk with God as well as learn to help others see themselves biblically and move toward spiritual and emotional wholeness.

Facilitating Group Discipleship: Group learning involves becoming a co-learner and a guide, actively listening, preparing good questions that guide toward discovery, staying on track by building continuity, building trust and respect among members, and designing discipleship experiences that transform and multiply. Besides being a key shift in teaching style to engage the next generation, these are life skills that apply to small group Bible Studies, home groups, ministry teams, web-based meetings, and to the variety of conversations we have daily with people around us!

Mentoring Next Generation Women: How can we build bridges of understanding and connection between generations so that we preserve the rich resource of women-to-women relationships as we move toward each other? We’ll consider influential distinctives of the Boomer to Millennial generations and explore encouraging pathways between them. We’ll explore generational values and perspectives on key issues such as God, spirituality, church, relationships, commitment, sexuality and morality, fears and hopes, the impact of technology and globalization. And we’ll explore the roles and desires of both mentors and mentees, discerning needs and commonalities, types of mentoring relationships, common mentoring mistakes, and how to create the nourishing relationships that busy women want to make time for!

Can’t make it to the Farmington campus?  We have facilitators prepared to bring the training to you!  Connect with Dorothy at djanzen@send.org for information on how to make this happen.

October 2016 Registration (2)

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